Abby Bennett; Witch, Or Not So Much?

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November 12, 2011

The Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec spoiled to EW yesterday about the mid-season finale, “Homecoming”. Plec revealed some scoopage about Bonnie’s Mom, Abby Bennett~Persia White, who is slated to make her debut in episode 12.

“In our show, we’ve met a series of Bennett witches. Obviously it is something that seems to have been passed down from generation to generation,” she says. “The lineage of these witches, with Grams and Emily Bennett, has been very important to our show, and Bonnie’s heritage has been very important to the mythology. So it’s about time that we ask ourselves who her mother is, and what her mother might be capable of as a witch or not a witch, and where the hell she is.”

Sound off below with your thoughts and speculation!!

  • Nashy_banana97

    im looking forward to seeing her mother and i keep getting annoyed when elena and damon get closer and closer but wont do anything kiss already!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Myoma Kapya

    I know like in episode 8 when they are lieing in bed and they won’t kiss… urrggghhh

  • Emily, TX

    I think Abby Bennett is a vampire, and that’s why she left. You can’t be both….Rebekah told Elena that about her own mother, Esther.


    Totally agree!!!! xD

  • Mszwebs

    So am I assuming that all the Bennett women keep their maiden name pass their maiden name maternally to their children?

    Or are they just all born out of wedlock?

    Otherwise, Abby Bennett would have married into the family, and so would  Gram.  So for them to be witches, they would have had to have been witches in their own right, and then just called Bennett Witches because the Bennett family had Emily and one seemed to appear evey other generation.

  • Mszwebs

     when I say every other, I mean all other.  As in the witches kept marrying into the family during each generation.

  • miimii

    I don’t think the time has ever been right for Damon and Elena to kiss. There’s always been something getting in the way. Usually Stefan. But I think we’re getting there. Like I said in a previous comment, I do not think Elena will take stefan back when he becomes the good guy again. If he ever really does become the good guy again. I can see alot happening for Stefan though. I think he’s going to grow alot before the end of the series. He’s always been either ripping peoples throats out, or avoiding blood all together. He’s never found a happy medium and I think he needs to do that, to grow and to be comfortable with himself. As a character, he has so many flaws he needs to deal with. Damon on the other hand, came in to the show flawed and has spent the whole time growing and changing. He’s a better person now than him or Stefan has ever been in the past. I think he needed to reach this point before anything could happen between him and Elena. Now all Elena needs to do, is let Stephan go. Wether it’s permenant or not is another question. But I truely believe Elena and Damon were made for eachother. <3

  • miimii

    I think her mum is probably a witch, but maybe a witch who refuses to use magic? Or a witch who’s afraid of magic? I don’t know. I think it will be very interesting to find out though. We don’t know enough about bonnies direct family in my opinion. In fact I remember thinking in the last episode, why haven’t we seen anyone directly related to bonnie? There is never any of her family around her. Not since Grams anyway. It will be nice to find out more and meet some of them, I imagine a familly of long running witches must be pretty interesting!

  • Kris

    I don’t understand how they’re all Bennets. They’re all female…