A Soapy Damon, A Surprised Elena And A Very Different Stefan

A Soapy Damon, A Surprised Elena And A Very Different Stefan

I have some major Comic Con dish to share about season 3 of The Vampire Diaries! EP's Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, along with stars Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan hit the SDCC Panel today revealing a steamy clip that has been described as:

"A seconds-long peek at season 3. The highlight of the footage? Soapy, wet Damon surprising Elena. Dialogue = inconclusive, sadly."

During the panel Plec teased the season, saying,

“We’ve got Stefan who is no longer Stefan, and Damon, who, in his own funny Damon way, has been left with the burden of playing hero and left at home with the girl. So we’ll have a lot of opportunities to play with that. This is not going to be a short storyline. We’re going to be exploring the levels of Stefan and his dark side for, hopefully, a good amount of time. So while he might be separated [from Elena and Damon] in the beginning, [there are questions]. How long he’ll be separated, what will happen, will they be able to help him/find him/rescue him/bring him back from the edge, or will he keep fighting that? We will get a little bit of the Stefan/Klaus road show, which will be fun. But eventually he’ll make his way back through Mystic Falls and suddenly it will be an interesting dynamic for Damon.”.

Creator Kevin Williamson added,

“It’s a reluctant hero story, and Katharine said at the end of the season that ‘It’s okay to love both of them.’ So we’re going to see what that means,” he said. Plec adding: “Katharine seems to know more what it feels like to care for both Salvatore brothers more than anything. And she didn’t say it for no reason.”

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