A New Baddie For ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3!?!

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July 27, 2011

I know we all thought Klaus was the baddest of the bad, but according to Ausiello a new threat will be introduced as season 3 progresses. New character Eric is a vampire slayer and from the sounds of it, not one to be tangled with.

“The incoming character, named Eric, is a middle-aged hottie who, from what I hear, is sorta like Indiana Jones with a stake instead of a whip. In possibly related news, check out what EP Julie Plec told us at Comic-Con when asked her if there were plans to introduce a baddie bigger than Klaus this season. “I would definitely say that Klaus isn’t the worst baddie that we’ve seen so far. It will be fun to see who’s going to steal his thunder eventually as we get deep into Season 3.”

What does this new slayer mean for all the good(ish) vamps in Mystic Falls?

  • K.Petrova

    This new slayer, Eric, better not kill Katherine, Caroline, Stefan or Damon! The only vampire in the cast that I would even want to die is Klaus! 

  • Francesca Salvatore

    oh a slayer! that sounds awesome! but he better not kill any of my babies ¬¬

  • William Pence

    Hmmm? Will this be Mr. Bennet’s ((Heroes, cheerleader’s dad) character???

  • shoroqahmad

    OMG !!
    you guys are making us get more and more Excited about season 3
    i hope that no one we know from the cast will die :( .. cuz i got a feeling that this will happened so i hope im wrong :(
    and good luck to you folks :P

  • Actseep

    This is Becoming more like a Buffy-Universe, but with more plots and twists. I would love if they brought in James Marsters as a Bad ass Vampire but completely different from the character of spike. But my guess is they won’t bring in anyone from the Buffy universe at least not any of the main cast because it would cause fans of Buffy to want them to play characters simpler to the ones they played on Buffy-to bad. However they did bring in 2 people already from the Buffy/Angel Universe.
    Bionca Lawson (aka-Kendra the Vampire Slayer-Buffy Season 2) and Gena Torres (aka-Jasmine-Angel Season 4)