2012 Will Ring In A Standoff For ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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December 1, 2011

The December 8-15 issue of TV Guide and EP Julie Plec tease the return of The Vampire Diaries in 2012. When “The New Deal” airs, Mystic Falls will be in turmoil with Stefan and Klaus ready to go head to head. We all know Klaus keeps his ‘sleeping’ family locked up safe and sound in those handy coffins he totes around, but clearly he still has some love for his Original family. Only a bit more than a month remaining for the TVD hiatus and we’ll continue the awesome journey that is season 3. Will there be a ‘new deal’, or will a fight of epic proportion begin? GO—->DISCUSS—->NOW!!!

“Mystic Falls is in the hands of Klaus. Stefan and Klaus want to destroy each other, but they’re unwilling to face the consequences if things go wrong. It’s a Mexican standoff.”

  • Cjohnson

    This is the best show on TV!  I can’t wait until January!!!!

  • DontlikeTVD

    i hate this show

  • Pod1990

    Well this show hates you to.

  • damon4life

    Then why are you on this website?

  • damon4life

    Then why are you on this website?

  • Beachrats

    When will Elana and Stefan reunite?