Season 1 Episode 10 Need To Know

Valor Episode 10 "Need To Know" Guide

Valor Episode 10 "Need To Know" Guide

The CW has released the description for the Jan. 1st installment of Valor titled "Need To Know."

Head over to Valor Episode Guide: "Need To Know" for the promos of this episode.



Nora (Christina Ochoa), Gallo (Matt Barr) and Thea (Melissa Roxburgh) join forces to try to decode an important message. Feeling disappointed, Col. Haskins (Nigel Thatch) considers making a big change. 


series regulars:

    Nora (Christina Ochoa)
    Gallo (Matt Barr)
    Thea (Melissa Roxburgh)
    Haskins (Nigel Thatch)

written by:

Anna Fricke

directed by:

David McWhirter
Source: CW