Under the Dome Spoilers: Two of Chester's Mill Residents Will Face Death; Plus, Details on "Pink Stars Are Falling" Arc!

under the dome

On Monday's episode of Under the Dome titled "Imperfect Circles", we learned that not only one but TWO residents of Chester's Mill will kick the bucket. If you're brave enough to know who will be the victims, read the spoilers below:

One of those deaths comes after a power struggle turns ugly. The other is more mysterious and shrouded in questions, specifically about some of the Dome’s capabilities. Also, it’s sad. REALLY sad.

In addition, showrunner Neal Baer had sent a heads-up about the storyline involving Joe and Norrie's seizures. We're all dying to know what's behind with the ominous "the pink stars are falling" message, right? Here's a tidbit the EP has teased:

“By episode 8, [the characters] will discover something that will change everything for the rest of the season,”

Source: EW

Watch a sneak peek for "Imperfect Circles" below: