Under the Dome Spoilers: See Chester’s Mill In Turmoil In Episode 11! Plus, Will Angie Ever Escape from Junior?

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July 3, 2013

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Is your level of intrigue just gotten three steps higher on CBS’ new myrstery series, Under the Dome? Don’t worry, your wandering thoughts will be sufficed with clues and revelations on this latest spoiler scoop we just learned!

Take it from the potrayer of Barbie himself, actor Mike Vogel:

“By Episode 11 it starts getting deep. It’s a town in turmoil. The dome is a device; it’s a fishbowl. You put a bunch of fish in the bowl and you start banging on the glass to see how they react, you’re going to have fish that eat other fish, you’re going to have fish that protect those about to eaten, and while all this is happening, there’s a whole world on the outside. Barbie thinks he’s off the hook on some things, and then another can of worms gets opened up. They’ve done a great job putting the pedal down and driving it all the way through the end of the season. Each of these last few episodes that we have just get crazier and crazier.”

Bonus Spoilers:


If you’re hankering for Angie to break free from Junior’s clutches… bad news. The episodic photos for July 15 show her very much still in captivity.

Source: TV Line