'Under the Dome' Showrunner Previews "The Fire" Episode -- "What Is the Science of this Dome?"

'Under the Dome' Showrunner Previews "The Fire" Episode -- "What Is the Science of this Dome?"

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Executive producer and creator Brian K. Vaughan spoke to THR about his latest series, Under the Dome which premiered Monday on CBS.

Vaughan hashed out the show's next episode titled "The Fire", where according to the episode guide "will bring panic to the denizens of Chester's Mill". The reason? Well, it's because their only resource, which is the fire department is located outside the dome! Bad news! How can the people trapped under the invisible wall deal with the forthcoming catastrophe?

Here's the (exclusive) spoiler image and details revealed by THR:

Into The Fire

Dean Norris' Big Jim appears to be supervising a crew, which includes a bulldozer, as the townspeople attempt the easiest solution: literally to go under the dome.

In addition, Vaughan weighed-in on the science of the 'dome'. He explained another event to unfold on "The Fire" -- where two characters in the series will try to figure its physical measurement and begin to ask hypothetical questions.

"In the next episode we've got Joe (Colin Ford) and his friend Ben going on a Stand By Me journey to map the dome and go all the way around to find its scope and size and begin asking questions: Is it truly impenetrable? Does it let air through? Does it let water through? What is the science of this dome? So you'll get lots of answers to those questions. Probably one of the most frequently asked is why the hell isn't everyone just digging under this thing? And we will find exactly why not come next episode. Everyone's just like, 'Somebody just get a shovel and this TV show is just going to be over,' but it, of course, is not that easy."

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