'Under the Dome' Roundup Spoilers: An Outbreak Strikes Chester's Mill; Julia Continues To Find Her Husband

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An all new episode of Under the Dome airs tomorrow (Monday/10pm) on CBS with the episode titled "Outbreak".

To whet your appetite, we've compiled every spoiler bit you need to know! Make sure that you read, browse and watch them, enjoy!

Episode Guide:

  • The people of Chester’s Mill fall into a state of panic as an outbreak of meningitis strikes their community, threatening their already depleted medical supplies.
  • Meanwhile, Julia continues to search for answers into her husband’s disappearance.


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Dean Norris tweeted this BTS photo (right) alluding that Angie may finally escape from Junior’s lair. Baer discussed this scene with the publication, check out what he has teased:

As the bomb shelter is filling with water, it’s not a good thing. This will all come to fruition next week and there’s a scene at Big Jim’s house towards the end of next week’s episode that’s one of my favorite scenes we’ve ever done. It’s also one of the craziest scenes we’ve ever done. All the years I did SVU and looking for clues, I never did this.

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