Under the Dome "Blue on Blue" Spoilers: How Will Chester's Mill Face A Threat from the Outside? Plus, See Big Jim Unravel His Dark Side


On next Monday's episode of Under the Dome titled "Blue on Blue", the residents of Chester's Mill will receive a threat from outside the dome. What could be this looming danger ahead?

Zap2it revealed some spoilers abound, read them below!

The butterfly effect comes to the dome, though in a more literal way than the normal meaning of "the butterfly effect." But it spurs the U.S. military into action, leaving the town wondering what may become of them.

It doesn't take long for Junior to step into his role as Deputy Junior -- someone sure likes strappin' on a gun.

Several more puzzle pieces are dropped into place about Barbie, while Julie gets a visit at the dome from her sister-in-law, Mary, who has a message from Peter.

Line of the episode: "I'm excited to meet your folks. Can't wait to tell 'em you're shacking up with an underage girl and two lesbians." -- Norrie Calvert-Hill.

Dodee proves to have more talents than just her engineering skills. We hope that comes up again in future episodes.

Big Jim, Linda, Julia and Barbie act fast to try to keep the town as safe as they can, but in the end, has Big Jim gone to the dark side? Remains to be seen. The writers and actor Dean Norris are certainly doing a great job of showcasing Big Jim's shades of gray.

There's a lovely montage set to the classic Skeeter Davis hit "End of the World." *sniffle*

Hit the play button to watch the promo for "Blue on Blue" below: