What’s coming up for Lux and Eric on Life Unexpected?

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November 24, 2010

Wonder what’s coming up for Lux and Eric on Life Unexpected? Executive producer Liz Tigelaar talked with the TV Guide:

Things aren’t looking so good for the student-teacher relationship in next week’s Thanksgiving-themed episode.

“Lux kisses someone other than Eric,” executive producer Liz Tigelaar teases. We’d say “uh-oh,” but isn’t it better that she’s no longer kissing her teacher?

  • Live and let love

    Of course things are looking good for them, when has a student teacher relationship EVER worked out for anyone?
    GOOD I’m so tired of this Lux with her teacher storyline, I hope they break it off and she starts having a REAL relationship with whoever she kisses at thanksgiving.

  • klams16

    Actually, To be honest it is wrong, but things happen in real life like this, Life unexpected is exactly what happens in real life, dont you rather watch shows like this, then that ones that are such fairytales.. I love life unexpected, and really dont think it should be taken off the air.

  • andrea

    I think Eric and Lux are good for each other. If they have true feelings for each other, they aren’t going to disappear. I wish there was a way for them to be together and it be okay! Great show!

  • kali

    i love them but i love sam better ^^