V Spoilers on Erica & Chris Bolling

Elizabeth Mitchell spoils that Erica will share some romantic tension with her new partner Chris Bolling, played by The Shield's Jay Karnes, but he'll be staying away from the Fifth Column for the time being.

"Of course there's romantic chemistry, and Jay is exactly the kind of guy I'd go for. He's fun and they poke at each other. There's a little something there [between them] and she now has several men that she likes. There's all kind of secret stuff going on with him, and he's got his own stuff to do."

Morena Baccarin shared a spoiler that original V star Marc Singer, who first appears in the season finale, will be a regular part of the cast if the show gets a third season. There are a few other tidbits at the link. [Teen Television]

Sources: Teen Television, TV Guide