Will There Be A ‘V’ Season 3 (Updated)

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April 4, 2011

Updated: April 4th

While speaking to the press at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco today, AX grilled V executive producer Scott Rosenbaum about whether or not there will be a season 3 of V:

“We do not know about a third season at this point,”

However, if there is a V Season 3, Rosenbaum is excited by all the possibilities that the season 2 finale “Mother’s Day” left open.

“I am most excited about it more than I have ever been, because [V] has gotten to a place at the end of this season, the closest to what I wanted it to be. Now we have a situation where you have a realistic human resistance that actually has a possible shot of defeating the Visitors. Whereas before it was a motley crew of four or five with a priest, an FBI agent. It was sort of like the rebels in Libya fighting – they are never going to win. The only way they have a chance is with an organized military complex behind them. I like that. That is very exciting to me. Now we can see them make a real dent in Anna’s plans.”

Rosenbaum also adds that the characters have been pushed to extremes, which will also make for some great drama too.

“I pushed the characters to a place emotionally where I am excited about it. Erica is going to find out her son was murdered and what that’s going to do to her will be fascinating to watch. Other characters have died, the stakes are high, Anna knows she’s almost been betrayed, Anna’s real daughter is locked in a dungeon, Anna knows there is a real chance that other Vs may revolt as well and so her timeline is shrinking so she had to move faster and quicker for her plans to work. Now that we have seen the Visitors we can see a lot more of them. There is a whole bit of mythology about the second part of their plan that we could get into. That I don’t want to give all away because that will be fun to watch.”

Pacing is another major issue Rosenbaum says will be resolved in the proposed Season 3.

“The pacing of the shows will be very much like that last episode, they all will be peddle to the metal and tons of story and excitement. That’s more the style that I prefer as a writer and I was actually pulled back to a style that I was uncomfortable with. My voice as a writer is much more like that last episode than the ones you saw before because I was asked to slow things down. I didn’t believe that was the way to go but I did the best I could. I can’t wait, I’m excited about [a potential Season 3].”

Updated: April 2nd

We are encouraged by the news that Elizabeth Mitchell and one of the show’s executive producers will be attending the Wondercon convention in San Francisco on Sunday, April 3. If the show had very little chance of survival, they wouldn’t go to the trouble, would they?

Here’s the info on the WonderCon V panel, which curiously talks about “teasing what’s to come”:

Executive producer will dish on the year that was — and will tease what is to come in the epic battle for survival between the Visitors and the human race. V is produced by HDFilms in association with Warner Bros. Television.

In an exclusive interview with Morena Baccarin, AX has asked the star her thoughts on V season 3, here’s what she said:

:Are you optimistic that there will be a Season 3 of V?

Answer: I am. I think you never know with television. I feel very proud of this season. I feel like we’re finally giving the audience what they want. I think it’s really exciting. I just feel really grateful and happy to be able to play this role. I think it’s so much fun.

I know, not really much on what we can rely on right now but despite V’s low ratings, the show has been fantastic recently and deserves a proper final chapter. What do you think?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560739235 Black Lightning

    I really do not understand why it has been cancelled… Such a great tv series…Everysingle comment i read about v is good…and they cancel it??? I don’t understand…if the knew it was going to be cancelled… Why ending the last episode the way it did??? We want to see an end to the story…I guess the only mistake they made is that the first episodes were a bit poor…perhaps they lost most of the audience then…pitty the didnt keep watching…it get better and better… Oh well!!!!

  • Wenkyn

    My son and I have just watched the second season in 2 days as its just been released in the UK on DVD and loved it, we are just gutted it finished, we loved season 1 and have been waiting ages for season 2 how can there not be a season 3 its brilliant, I loved it first time round so appreciated the 2 characters from the original series being included. Its only on sky in the Uk sure it would be a massive hit on mainstream TV here.

  • Cjones1617

    This blows, Tyler’s dead and the sexual romance is gone my girl Lisa has no reason to stay on anymore. If anything bring Tyler back to life and ill agree to a season 3 but as of right now I’m.pissed how it all ended.

  • Ralf Doehler

    Hi, i look the season 2 in the german TV by Pro7. It can not be impossible, that there is no Season 3. Whot can i do? Must i send my wishes to ABC?

  • Deekie

    I never even heard of this show before until recently..now I’m hooked..i love every single episode..season 2 was great..i really do hope they continue with it.

  • Euniceayong

    Myyyyyyyyy Gosh,please and please,i am from lagos nigeria and one one of ypur best fan on V i have being going to the film stores every day loking for season 3 please alots of ppl are waiting to watch it.and anna you are the hero ilove you very much

  • V. Avery

    What is the matter with the people at ABC – don’t they know that they have a hit with V - I cannot remember when so many people have talked about a tv series – there are so many twists and turns – so many questions about Chistopher Shyer’s character Marcus – is he loyal to Anna – does he have offspring and if so, are they involved with the humans to save earth from Anna – get your ‘hands out of your pockets’ and put V back on the air!!

  • Benjamo

    IAm I the only one till waiting to see if there is going to be V on Television I really enjoyed what I saw and I never saw the first season but I liked what I saw and was pretty open to the series. V3?

  • Wehbe2000

    i wonder why ratings were low, as far as im concerned v is one of the best tv series ive ever seen, so plzzzz bring season 3 on.

  • lol 123

    its the best show of the world

  • LLOL203

    Just a piece of crap… Just a few nerds want to see this… and that’s the reason the stopped the third season. (because it was a flop)

  • Oamoatin

    i   think   there  must be  a   third  season for   completion

  • Killerbiene1986

    Petition for season 3 please here


  • Wendybeer9362

    best ever i thourgt the old ones where good at the time but there not a patch on the new one .lets hope they have the brains to do series 3 fingers crossed xxxxxxx

  • Bandiane

    is v coming back in 2012

  • Anthony Schueller

    I wanna see those military guy’s kick E.T’s ASS!

  • Anthony Schueller

    That is, except for all the good V’s. Why don’t they ever mention their REAL SPECIES NAME though?

  • Gary

    I would love to see the series concluded, so many get left unfinished.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Jacobs/1066572359 Corey Jacobs

    V is the best show. Period. So much can resonate with our own lives. Whether its preaching what people do not want to hear or getting abducted against our will and not remembering it. This show must continue. There is a lot more than Agent Evans being manipulated for the last couple decades. Its bigger than aliens trying to locate a soul. Maybe it is a conspiracy just like Project Ares. Either way, this show must continue. I bought the DVDs as soon as they were released! If season 3 does not fly then a movie trilogy would suffice, thats six hours of story. If the show must live on through the audience it will. I mean they brought the show back from the 80s grave. This show is for all Freedom Fighters, Past, Present and Future!


    Thanks for Reading

  • Anthony Schueller

    AGREED! Want to take ACTION?! There are PETITIONS, JUST GOOGLE SEARCH BRING BACK V! Even Change.org has one!

  • Anthony Schueller

    She has ALL THE REASON IN THE GALAXY, to stay on! Her own MOM has IMPRISONED her in a dungeon.

  • Clintgrc89

    just finished the show love it we need a season 3

  • Akanathsingh

    V is the only show i stream online between my busy schedule…im soo hooked on it but now i am soo sad there is not a part 3

  • Kingbusco2g5

    please let there be season 3 of v

  • madman1366

    A problem with TV ratings is that they don’t really tell the whole story when it comes to shows people like to watch.  Take me for instance. I missed both seasons as they aired. I just got done watching all of season 1 on DVD and plan on watching season 2 as soon as I’m able to.  Tons of people simply can’t watch it when it airs. It’s not like the good old days of television where families gathered around the tube for their favorite shows. Work and society are much more insane these days. 

    Shows with strong followings, even if small can be built on. Focus on doing that instead of wasting so much time and energy developing a bunch of epic flops for nothing.

  • Scott

    i signed the petition i hope i not to late! nearly 8900 signed.

  • Booboo

    They can’t end the show like this.  i have to admit i preferred the original V series, but they need to do one more season to finish it off!

  • Geoblack-85

    i love V

  • Jimmy Danger

    If they are going to cancel the show then they should sale or release it to another network say like the syfy channel where it would be more appreciated. Hell throw it on amc after the walking dead and hell on wheels and you’d never get me off that channel.

  • Slickback

    Sooo getting into V, liking it. i mean Anna is smoking HOT, despite that she’s a lizard underneath V is the only TV series a brother is watching right now, 

  • Slickback

    Sooo getting into V, liking it. i mean Anna is smoking HOT, despite that she’s a lizard underneath V is the only TV series a brother is watching right now, 

  • Slickback

    If i cancel it, I am soo going to keep the episodes I have as antiques and will show em to my great grand kids in 100 years from now, 

  • Slickback

    If i cancel it, I am soo going to keep the episodes I have as antiques and will show em to my great grand kids in 100 years from now, 

  • Serco1981

    I love the V. Its the only thing i watch on Tv here in Australia. I really really hope it continues.. I also used to watch the 80s version as a kid in Turkey. Come ondont kill a great series that has soo much potential.

  • Bilzzboy

    this show was brilliant it was so diffrent from the original one thats what gave it edge i hope they do 3 season to finish it hate watching series that stop halfway through 

  • Sharon-mariemaclean

    am waiting on season 3 PLEASE XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Gambler

    I think this show is great! And to be honest, I think there should definitely be a third season and if possible even more!

  • Johanandriesgreeff

    Just when i started paying attention!!!! They cancel! Typical,come on there need to be atleast 5 episodes to end it. Lets see

  • Bernard Homeboy

    Gief season 3! It can’t end like this

  • Amir Sabeti

    im waiting for the next season … its not fair not to finish the story,i love it

  • Patsie72

    please please tell me there will be a season 3…..l have just shouted at the tv when mothers day finished…so many things left we dont know what has happened..can we also have itr on terristal tv and not just sky, just watched the whole series 2 all together and was totally amazing xx

  • Guest

    So where is season 3?

  • alltools

    well why you even bothering to write about it if its so lame, stick to your big bang theory, was’nt aswell advertised over here i dont think, England that is, but once i got watching it i was hooked, love it. Pray they bring it back, better than alot of tv here. 

  • Joseph Roun

    Say what you will but this series is actually based on reality in one form or another, this next year there is a very real possibility of alien contact, I dont know when or how it will happen exactly, but the point is that they will offer us unlimited energy and life extension.

    Look at all this media like V, Falling skies, was another show about aliens arriving, Battle LA, Skyline, these are all “entertainment” where aliens invade, and almost all of this “entertainment” ends badly in one form or another.

    I say all of this because there is indeed conspiracy in the government and every facet of society, I dont know what deals have been made in the back room for “entertainment” like this but it is all very real, an offshoot of the X-files called “the lone gunmen” first aired its pilot episode a good seven months before 9/11 and the whole first episode was all about crashing planes into the WTC and your going to tell me that “entertainment” got it spot on only months before the attack by accident?

    If you believe something like that happens by accident then Ill sell you beach front property in arizona.

  • Ariyahc

    v, v, v, we want v………………!!!

  • Capiqua69

    It wasn’t an accident.  Terrorist probably got the idea from the TV show; not the other way around.

  • Andyclarke

    Please let there be a season 3 i have the first two on dvd and can’t stop watching them

  • Becca_2000

    i sure hope that it is returning for a 3rd season. i lived this show.

  • Guest

    LOVE V im part of the Aukland Star Trek group ( New Zealand ) and half the people there love it to. They better make another series :)

  • Guest

    V for life

  • Memo1980

    New Season Pleasessssss  3 V

  • 13

    did you know Morena Baccarin started every sentence with I?

  • Rotem

    Can’t wait for season 3 !! 
    Season 2 final episode left me shocked and if the show will end like that it will be the most stupid thing ever !!
    Rotem from Israel.

  • Welcomeden

    I have bought season 1 and 2 please let us have season 3. Can harldy wait for it. Brilliant series I watched the old V last week every episode and this new one is so superiour.  Give us series 3 please
    Denise aged 66

  • Jo229504

    please ,please, please do a third series the writing, the actors the effects are nothing short of brilliant. watched the first ever series in the 80′s and thought that was good but it’s not a patch on these last two. bringing diana back was nothing short of genius, but felt she was killed off too soon, albeit an excellent ending to her life. the actress who plays anna is doing an excellent job, just love the concept of aliens on earth. please find a way to air a concluding series too tie up all the lose ends! tylers mother finding out he’s dead, all the mother ships waiting to land,

  • Debrasolman556

    Me and my mom love this show!!! When it’s the season premiere me and my mom always buy a snack to watch the show. That should show you the age range of people who loveeee this show. Please let there be a season 3 because of all of us are waiting for Abc to show the commercial of V for when it’s gonna show. :) I love V

  • Patrizio6263

    Everybody want the 3rd season !

  • http://www.facebook.com/bonnie.clyde15 Bonnie Clyde

    plz we want seanson 3 **

  • N8salem

    just bought season 1 and 2 and now we need 3!

  • Boudreaucarl4

    would like to see “V” comeback leave soap operas out of the series and sex no need for beastiality, just a pure Sci Fi junky. thanks CRB

  • J Heijmen

    I hope, when they are planning to make a season 3, they will reveal the aliëns as who they really are. Reptiles…

  • Keithhumpage

    I feel just like you, I’m not scared of it, what will be will be. I just want to get it over. 

  • Nicki

    pleeeeeaaaase there has GOT to be a season three x

  • TerryC

    I’d really like to see another season! There are too many stupid comedies and not enough good dramas!

  • Darling Chrissy

    I really hope a season 3 comes out real soon. it’s a great series that deserves to continue airing

  • dave

    it was the only show i was glued to!!! i loved it the first time round and loved it the second even more….BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!

  • Marvyy

    People.. We need to watch the 3rd season ot V . . Come on last season has ended very great      ..We want to now what happen after.. Please ;) There is a lot of people who want to have a new season . :) We always been in peas … :D

  • Amnësia

    Hey ABC.com
    U say low ratings?
    How high must the ratings be to continue “V” ?
    In here there are 23 pages of people begging for continuation.
    Sure that’ll prove the audience is there. Right?

  • Maynardt20

    I love V My friend got me into waiching it and I got both season’s and I really hope there will be alot more were then just season 3!!!

  • Ydltolulope

    Pls let there be a season 3 the movie is not complete without a final season and the previous season’s will be meaningless without the 3rd season pls let there be season3

  • Stacychapman

    when will the new season start for v i love this show

  • Milkyjoe

    I think the ratings are gd. i think the show is very good and deserve season 3 and a good ending.
    I think that if you going to make a TV show you should finish it not leave it hanging in a very exciting series for everybody. so make a season 3 or 4 for a good ending story.

  • Frans Greeff

    V have the potential to be as good or better than Avatar, it is the producers/writers choice where they wants to go with this. This have great potential and good character play.

  • Ajwampi_dade

    if the  company isn’t lack of ideas  then i think  v should have a 3rd season

  • Nixxwife

    the best show ever, love it and hope it will come back in 3th season!!!!!!!!!

  • Nixxwife

    the best show ever, love it and hope it will come back in 3th season!!!!!!!!!

  • Aufordfan

    I live in Australia, and watched the original v when I was a teenager. Now Im older and have all the usual commitments in life. This means I dont get to watch the new v, when it was on tv here. But i have bought both series on dvd (yes legit from local department store NOT BOOTLEGGED) If series 3 is made, I’d buy the dvds,

  • Sbagtech

    what about letting SyFi take it over if it cant be finished? I think they did a good job of taking over SG1 from HBO.

  • Gillyhut

    Please let there be a season 3 of V its not on british tv anymore but I would buy it when its released on DVD, I hate it when they end a series with more questions than answers. I loved Stargate Atlantis and they cancelled that also Surface was really good and that ended without an ending!

  • kelv

    v was awesome like, it comes to something when i say its just as good or better then doctor who and the daleks,,