SpoilersGuide is Looking for Writers

Have this tingling sensation that you know more than other people when it comes to movies and TV shows and don’t mind letting them know all about it?

Then join our Spoilers Guide blog network and write with us! :)

At the moment, we are looking for daily writers only. What that means:

It means that you need to be able to check at least twice a day for new spoilers, and post them on here if you find any. We need people who can commit to the site, to the daily grind of spoilers writing. Please take this seriously, because there will be weeks when you'll need to update once, twice etc. times a day.

We have our own system for finding new spoilers which we will happily share with you. There’s no need for you to browse trough hundreds of sites. Exclusive material we get daily, like sides, press releases or videos will be mailed by us to you when we get it.

So what do you get by writing for SpoilersGuide.com? I mean, besides the adoration of millions of readers a day (give or take a million a day), and the ability to brag to your cousins that you’re now a published writer?

  • You will gain valuable experience on how to run a successful website (We will teach you!).
  • Have your stories published online.

And, uh ...

You can make money!

You can earn money for every post you make ( your two Adsense ads on every post you make, stays forever!). Depending on how prolific you become, this could mean a 1$-10$ bucks a day to a few dozen bucks a day to a few cents a day. It’s entirely up to you. Write a lot, make a lot. Write once a month, make a cent a day :). Later, if you become a valuable member of the team (that is, if you’re still here in a year or two), we can discuss other revenue sharing options.

* In order to make money, you need to have Adsense account. *

Before we get started, let’s talk about what you need to know before you shoot me an email:

Wordpress. It’s the publishing platform we use here at SpoilersGuide.com. That means you need to have a working knowledge of Wordpress, or a similar publishing platform, to hit the ground running. Wordpress is relatively easy ( probably the easiest way to publish content online ) to learn if you are willing to learn. Find more about it over at Wordpress.org. It’s not crucial that you know Wordpress, but truth be told, it’ll be a whole lot easier on both of us if you’ve at least published on the net before using some sort of publishing platform ( live journal, blogger, even forums ! )

What to include with your email to me:

Who are you, why do you want to write for us, which shows you are interested in, and which TV sites you usually read or are part of ( forums ). You can cover max 2 shows at start. Also write any questions you might have in the email.


If you’re interested to write on Spoilers Guide, contact us.