Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Which Doctor Has A Mole Inside Seattle Grace?

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February 21, 2013

Greys-Anatomy-Cast-Quits-600x337If you’re feeling angst about the doctors quitting Seattle Grace, don’t worry cause there’ll be no show without them. So I’m pretty sure that this will all be worked out.

However, at the moment what I can offer is a spoiler that’s more of a contingency plan for one of the doctors. We all know how obsessed our favorite doctors can be, so to keep things tight and still solid atleast, one of them hired (or should I say coerced,maybe?) a secret agent.

Meredith still has a mole back at the hospital who keeps her apprised of her patients’ conditions and all the latest scoop on what’s left of the hospital.

Fifty says it’s an intern. But which intern? Any guesses? Share them below.

Source: TV Guide