Vampire Diaries Spoilers More Interview Snip~its Part 2

Vampire Diaries Spoilers More Interview Snip~its Part 2

Ian Somerhalder~Damon and Candice Accola~Caroline tell Zap2it's Carina Adly MacKenzie some spoilery info about season 2 of the "Vampire Diaries".

First Ian dishes on romance and bromance with a side of insider info on tonight's all new episode, "Memory Lane".

That neck-snapping incident was so startling that a good portion of the show's fans lost hope for Damon and Elena ever hooking up. Will he ever win her over again?

"I don't see how," Somerhalder says, "but that's the idea. She hates him now, but she won't forever. It'll get figured out." Despite his heartache, Damon hasn't given up on Elena -- in fact, his feelings for her may help him transcend a centuries-old rivalry. In the past, Damon and Stefan allowed Katherine to come between them. This time around, their love for the same woman might actually help them bridge the gap.

"Damon and Stefan are going to have to set their differences aside to protect what they love, and that's Elena. Damon is pretty envious of Stefan at this point, but he's going to bury that. Damon sees the bigger picture. There are some serious problems in town that could possibly affect Elena, who is his top priority."

"Look," Somerhalder continues. "Damon got his heart ripped out twice within like an hour, but he still has something to fight for. There are three things he cares about protecting: Elena, his brother, and the town."

To keep fighting the good fight, Damon and Stefan first need some answers. Unfortunately, their manipulative psycho-ex Katherine is the only one who can offer them. In the next episode, she'll take us back in time once again.

"The flashback stuff is really cool - it's always cool. We learn a great deal from Katherine," he says. "There's a lot of exposition about what happened, but then again, like with Damon last year, you have to consider the source of your information. With Damon, you get some of the truth, but not the whole truth, and Katherine, like Damon, is very convincing."

"Damon and Alaric are the oddest of bedfellows," he jokes. "Matt Davis and I love being on set together. We just have so much fun. We totally have a bromance going on. He's my bro, you know?"

The frenemies have more in common than they might want to admit. "At the end of the day, Alaric and Damon are kindred spirits. They're two of a kind. They were both in love with these women who wanted nothing to do with them. They have this sort of commonality of pain."

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Candice is up next to talk about Caroline's still undetermined future and her impending romances.

Female vampires don't exactly have a good track record for survival on "The Vampire Diaries," so when Candice Accola found out that her character would be vamping out in Season 2, she was uneasy.

"Reaction number one was super excited, but reaction number two was super terrified," Accola tells Zap2it. "It was luckily followed up with a wonderful phone call from [executive producer] Kevin Williamson saying not to be worried, at least for right now."

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other boys in town. I had to ask about the possibility of Caroline and soon-to-be-werewolf Tyler (Michael Trevino) hooking up.

"There's obviously been such an incredible tease of Tyler's pending transformation. He's becoming a werewolf, which happens to coincide with Caroline's transformation into a vampire," she says. "It opens up a very beautiful opportunity for them to have some kind of a relationship, be it a friendship or something more, just to have someone going through the same thing."

Tyler's already made out with Matt's mom, after all. What's a little ex-girlfriend action after that?

More than any new boy drama, though, Accola is most looking forward to the show's exploration of a few other areas of Caroline's life. "We're really going to get into Caroline's relationship with herself and her relationship with her mother," she says. "That'll take precedence before new boys. All of Season 1, the biggest thing consuming Caroline's life was whether she had a boy to love her, and whether her friends love her. In her breakup with Matt she realizes that she has to love herself."

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