Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: An Eerie Dinner Celebration For The Survivors

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January 16, 2013

TV Line shared that the rest of the survivors will finally get the financial support they are entitled to from the plane crash lawsuit. However, when the gang goes out to celebrate, most of them felt dreaded by the idea. The result? A set of towering awkward moments!

Check out the rest of the spoilers revealed by actress Ellen Pompeo —

“Callie wants to go out and celebrate. But nobody is really into celebrating because it’s blood money. People died. Arizona lost her leg. They decide to tag along anyway, leading to “a very awkward dinner. But Callie has her reasons for wanting to celebrate and she explains it at the dinner.”

Additionally, I earlier scooped a BTS photo from Patrick Dempsey’s Twiiter on the upcoming dinner event. Check it out below:

Why do you think Callie is so enthused with this dinner? Share your thoughts below.