Exclusive Smallville Spoilers: “Lazarus” Episode

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September 24, 2010

In anticipation of the final “Smallville” premiere we have put together a nice list of spoilers to raise the excitement for “Lazarus”, episode 1 in season 10.

  • There is reveal/teaser of a former beloved villain in the first few opening scenes.
  • Lois now knows Clark’s other identity.
    Chloe~Allison Mack will use Dr. Fate’s helmet to try and find Oliver.
  • Justin Hartley’s character Oliver Queen spends most of the episode bound, bleeding and shirtless. He also let it slip that a big part of his arc will involve Chloe.
  • Tess wakes up to find clones, clones and more clones.
  • The ‘villain from the past’ everyone is speculating about is more than likely a Lex clone. Brian Peterson tells us Lex “always has a back up plan.”
  • Lois says the word “Superman” in the preview reel.
  • There is a visit to the JSA brownstone in the season premiere.
  • We DO see a costume, made up of the Brandon Routh suit. It is in the same box Martha left for Clark in the season finale.
  • There’s lots of communication between Clark and his biological, Jor-El, and it’s not exactly a pleasant exchange.
    Jor-El uses the Kryptonian Key to transport Clark to the Fortress of Solitude at a pivotal time to discuss some of Clark’s actions.
  • There’s a development between Lois and Clark in the premiere that is so huge you will be left wanting.
    A sequence for the season premiere was filmed on location at the Kent Farm involving Tom Welling~Clark and John Schneider~Jonathon Kent and it’s fantastic. Beautifully shot and full of emotion, inspiration and nostalgia.
  • We get our first glimpse of Darkseid, the new baddy.

Read my Advance Review of “Lazarus” and tune in Friday at 8/7c on the CW for the “Smallville” season 10 premiere :D.