Seth Gabel Joings The ‘Fringe’ Cast For Season 4 As Regular

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May 16, 2011

Here are the latest Fringe casting updates and few minor spoilers from an interview with exec producers:

Seth Gabel, who has recurred the last two seasons as Bolivia’s “Over There” colleague, Lincoln Lee — will return in Season 4 as a full-fledged series regular.

EW recently has a chat with both exec producers, below are the interesting, spoilery parts:

  • We know what happened in Detroit. We know how Broyles lost his eye.
  • About the guys that kills Olivia, it’s definitely still in play. There are things you think you have time to explore in any given season, but don’t. Producers are very interested in that moment and the implications of that.
  • A lot of people are wondering: “How did she know he will kill her?” There’s an answer for that.
  • Fringe is a family drama masquerading as a science fiction/investigation show. But it’s called Fringe because it’s about three characters that live on the fringe of life and society and have a hard time dealing with their own emotions, but who find each other and find connection with each other. Producers will remain true to that.
  • At the moment there are two Olivias, so it would be interesting to have a love triangle with just two Olivias. producers are still very much interested in exploring it. Hopefully this is a long and unfolding story. They don’t want to shut down any avenues, be it Bell or Lincoln and Charlie or Peter/Olivia.
  • They’re keeping options open on Moreau – the future terrorist – to return on Fringe.
  • The opening credit sequence included a new black and silver color scheme and several new words, like “HOPE” “WATER” and “BIOSUSPENSION.” the introduction of the future of the show. In the past, they used words in the credit sequence as signposts for the episode. But this is a new paradigm. (theory/commentary from interviewer – , Peter will be found in cryogenic suspended animation at the bottom of Reiden Lake near his childhood home.)
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