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Secret Life Season 4 Episode 11 "The Games We Play" Guide

Hey, Madison's back. Just in time to steer Amy in the right direction with Ricky (because when have Madison and Lauren ever steered you wrong, Amy?).

Read up on our guide to episode 11 of season 4, "The Games We Play":

  • Grace might have tried to set Adrian up with Daniel's neighbor-buddy Dante, but now it's looking like Dante's brother Omar might be the one into Adrian (and vice versa). When Grace goes over to Daniel's apartment, she runs into Omar, who tells her that Dante skipped town.
  • Amy's itching to get the big ring from Ricky - as in, the big proposal that goes along with it - but Madison's not so sure Amy has the best plan in mind to get what she wants. Especially when we find out that Ricky has some plans of his own in mind.
  • Ben talks with Henry and Alice (ah...our trio's back together again) about their plans after high school, but it's looking like Henry and Alice might be the ones with a problem this time around. Alice is expected to get into the best schools out there, while Henry's doing horribly on the SATs.

Anyone as devastated as I am about the prospect of Henry and Alice being split up? They're like, my favorite couple on the show (plus, they're the only relationship on the show that actually works).

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