Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers: Will Cate and Ryan Last?

Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers: Will Cate and Ryan Last?

During the season 1 finale of Life UneXpected, Cate and Ryan finally tied the knot! But now the question is, will their marriage last? Keep reading for some spoilers from an interview with Kerr Smith, who plays Ryan, about his rocky marriage with Cate.

During the season premiere of Life UneXpected, which is tonight just in case you forgot, Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Ryan (Kerr Smith) return from their honeymoon where they were also joined by Lux (Britt Robertson). Team Ryan may take a hit this season and Smith says

"We rushed the wedding. We don't really know each other all that well. We've both got secrets piling up. Listen, the first year of any marriage is rocky, but with Ryan and Cate, it's as rocky as they get."

We also know that things at the radio station aren't so good. It's hard when you work and live with the same person as it gets hard to separate your work problems and your home problems. They're two different thing but "that can create some friction in a marriage" says Smith.

Last season was more about Cate, Lux, and Baze and the baggage they brought with them whereas this season we learn more about Ryan and his past which might not be something we really want to know about. He's not as good of a guy as he might have led us to believe but then again he's not a villain or anything. He might not exactly be who Cate thinks and expected him to be. But then again, we all love secrets, so it will be exciting to see what skeletons Ryan has in his closet.

One thing we can look forward to is that Ryan will be willing to forgive Baze for crashing his wedding.

"There's a part of Baze in Ryan. Maybe earlier in his life, Ryan was that guy - the partier, the guy who takes the bong hits, the drinker. At some point, he decided to grow up and become a professional, responsible adult, and Baze did not."

says Smith. Also, despite the problem Ryan and Cate will have, his relationship with Lux will be safe. The relationship between Lux and her stepdad Ryan is as close as you can get father-daughter wise. Don't you love Lux-Ryan scenes, they're always so heartfelt.

What do you think about all this? Team Baze or Team Ryan?

Source: Zap2it