Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers Where Are They Headed?

Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers Where Are They Headed?

Austin Basis (Math), Liz Tigelaar (executive producer of Life UneXpected), and Kristoffer Polaha (Baze) were all interviewed about the show to talk about where the show is headed. Keep reading for are some spoilers about Math, Baze, and Lux and how their characters will develop this season!

In an interview with Austin Basis (Math), Austin mentioned that there's a big chance we'll be seeing more Math and Cate (Shiri Appleby) scenes. Cate needs a friend she can talk to when she can't talk to Ryan or to Baze. Because of Math's history with Cate and him wanting to go out with her, there's a possible love interest but that isn't necessarily reciprocated by Cate. Math is like the "Should I just leave myself open in case the other person changes their mind. Do I hold onto that? Is that what it’s about? Do you hold onto that hope?" rebound kind of guy! Also, Basis says that the friendship between Lux and Math will grow as there will be a lot more scenes in Lux's school where Math teaches!

As for Lux (Brittany Robertson), Eric (Shaun Sipos), her teacher, is now a big part of Lux's life. Lux's parents Cate and Baze don't know Lux as much as they think they do. They know her as the "everything is okay on the outside" but even Lux said last season that she's not exactly okay on the outside. So we're going to see a lot of that this season in terms of "who am I (Lux) now?".

Baze, on the other hand, is definitely affected by the fire in his bar as it sets him off having to go in a new direction and kind of making him go in a different direction than how he used to live. He ends up working for his dad in the wealth management firm where he ends up interviewing a new character named Emma (Emma Caulfield) and that starts him off on his new journey. Baze and Emma definitely have a love-hate relationship, although it is more hate-hate at the beginning. "As actors they have a lot of chemistry together and so they’re really fun to watch." says Tigelaar in an interview. There will be a lot of character development when it comes to Baze this season. He becomes more mature and starts to take responsibility and he gets back to the dating pool. "He meets a girl and he falls head over heels for her" says Polaha. Cate deciding to marry Ryan really took a hit on him. There's still some sparks between the two but their relationship also develops as they become friends and emotionally closer. Also, Baze starts to care about his relationship with his father. There's a really big spin later on this season when his dad come back in the picture but no details on what that spin is (I'll keep you posted).

There's a lot of unexpected character development this season. What are you most excited about?

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