Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers: Interview with Kristoffer Polaha

Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers: Interview with Kristoffer Polaha

Want more interviews before the Life UneXpected season 2 premiere? Keep reading for a spoiler interview with Kristoffer Polaha, who plays Baze, about this upcoming season.

Baze was left devastated in the season 1 finale as Cate decided to get married to Ryan. So how exactly will Baze get over Cate. "He may try to move on with the hot bartender (Arrielle Kebbel)" Polaha admits. "Baze is sort of a new man this year. He's really trying to become a better guy and a better human being. It's like he gets a new start, being that the girl that he loves is now married to somebody else, he's going to respect that. He's going to try to do his own thing." says Polaha.

In this season of Life UneXpected, everything changes, everything that we know and love about this show. The essence of the show will stay the same but the perimeters within which these characters (Cate, Lux, and Baze) live, changes. Sadly, we will not see as much of interference from Baze this season when it comes to Cate's life because "Baze respects the institution of marriage, so you will not see shenanigans between Cate and Baze now that she's married to Ryan, but you'll see what it means to be married, and they're going to go through a lot of growing pains" says Polaha.

Something we all probably never expected is to see Baze working for his father at this wealth management firm that his dad owns and starts meeting some new women. Though that will lead Baze to have a few love interests, which is always fun to see how he'll manage to get over Cate. Also, Math gets a little love interest and goes on a date with a hot girl.

The question all Team Baze fans ask which is: is there hope for Cate and Baze? Polaha seems to believe that there's still hope. "Cate taps into such a primal point in Baze's, they're tapped in on a level that she and Ryan will never be in on. There's something really deep there, and you'll see it." says Polaha. They will always be in each other's lives because they always have Lux to take care of, so there's bound to be some chemistry between the two.

And again, Team Baze or Team Ryan? What do you think about Baze working for his father? Comment away and remember, Life UneXpected premieres in an hour so make sure you tune in!

Source: TVFanatic