Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers: Interview with Brittany Robertson

Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers: Interview with Brittany Robertson

The premiere of the second season of Life Unexpected is a few hours away, so here's an interview with Brittany Robertson about season 2 to get you excited about this season! Keep reading for some spoilers on what Brittany Robertson has to say about this season.

Lux from last season is definitely different from the Lux in this season. "She’s feeling out the family dynamic of Cate and Ryan and also her relationship with Baze. They definitely established each relationship in their own way and she’s able to become sort of a normal 16-year old kid and deal with her own issues." says Robertson. Last season, Lux was constantly fighting for a family and worried about whether or not she's like her new family (Baze-Cate-Ryan), how they'll get along, and so on but this season she's more of a normal teenager who's living a life of being in school, having relationships and so on.

Lux is definitely more mature than other 16-year old girls. Having to deal with all the problems growing up from moving from one foster home to another, Lux has had to grow up alone and really quickly. "But in some ways she’s still pretty immature and there’s a lot of things she hasn’t experienced because of having to grow up so fast. I think that there’s two sides to it that way." she says.

This season, we get to look forward to Lux's relationship with Bug which from the very first episode starts to get serious very quickly. Also "some new guys that come back into the picture for me" says Robertson. To all Tasha fans out there, she will be back and she will definitely be there to stir up some things in Lux's life. "There’s a storyline with my past, we had to keep that tied in. With my parents, they’re definitely going through some changes. There’s a lot of stuff going on with the bar, with Cate at the radio station and her position there, so there’s a lot going on." she says.

Also there will definitely be drama when Bug decided to propose to Lux. That will basically make Lux run away from Bug into the arms of her new teacher, Eric (Shaun Sipos). "It's a very platonic relationship that gets out of hand," Robertson says.

Excited for this season? What do you think Lux is going to be like this season, now that she is more settled? Make sure you tune in tonight!

Source: TVFanatic