Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers From Interviews With Kristoffer Polaha

Life UneXpected Season 4 Spoilers From Interviews With Kristoffer Polaha

Here's spoilers from various interviews with Kristoffer Polaha about his character Baze on Life Unexpected. Make sure you tune to catch new episodes of Life UneXpected in every Tuesday at 9/8c on the CW.

So we've seen Baze trying to move on from the fact that Cate chose Ryan over him. He slept with Paige, who turns out to be Ryan's sister, and things are starting to heat up between Emma and Baze. They're definitely some chemistry there, they just don't know it yet. At the moment is it more of a hate-hate relationship but eventually it will become more of a love-hate relationship. Eventually when these two are done driving each other crazy, they will actually have something more than just a fling.

The difference between Baze with Cate and Baze with Emma is that he now has to deal with a more mature woman (Emma) whereas Cate was well sort of a mess. Baze has to up his standard and mature faster. Emma will help Baze become a better man. So it'll be interesting to see how his relationship with Emma is going to go. Maybe there'll be a Emma-Baze-Paige love triangle...

"Last year he was a very defined character, really relatable and people were like, 'I know this guy.' This year he's trying to be better and so he's literally morphing. He's wearing more suits, his hair is getting combed, they're bringing down the stubble," he says. "He's a really well-protected, well-written character ... and I think the audience is going to go on this trip," he says before adding, "I think he's going to surprise everybody." so hopefully he won't be losing any Team Baze fans.

So is this the end of Cate and Baze? Polaha doesn't think so. He says that "Liz Tigelaar (executive producer) will say, 'How can your soul mate be a guy you had sex with on a bus in high school? But I think that this world has sort of risen up around these two characters. They're so compelling. If they're not soul mates, then they're definitely not less than best friends."

Moving onto Baze and his roomies, Math and Jamie. Math will go on a date with a girl he really likes and of course Baze is involved but not in the best way. As for Jamie, portrayer Reggie Austin, has a role in Desperate Housewives, so he's been written out for a big part of the season, but he will be back. Polaha says, “Every time it’s the guys and me, they’re always sort of ripping me for making stupid choices, and I’m kind of ripping them back.”

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