Life Unexpected Season 4: Spoilers About New Characters

Life Unexpected Season 4: Spoilers About New Characters

In season 2 of Life Unexpected, we are introduced to new recurring characters. Keep reading for some spoilers on how these characters are going to spice up Life Unexpected - not that it needs spicing up or anything!

First off, there's Arielle Kebbel (a.k.a. Dean’s rebound girl Lindsay Lister on Gilmore Girls) who is playing Paige, a new hottie in town who will be working at Baze's (Kristoffer Poloha) bar. Isn't this just what Baze needs, a new hottie to take his mind off Cate?

Then we have Amy Price-Francis (The Cleaner) who will be playing Kelly, a conservative author/chatterbox who becomes a partner on the radio show that Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Ryan (Kerr Smith) work at. Will there be a possible Cate-Ryan-Kelly love triangle?

We also have ex-Melrose Place resident Shaun Sipos who will be playing Eric, the hot new teacher at Westmonte High and a potential crush interest for Lux (Brittany Robertson). Do you think there's going an inappropriate student-teacher relationship?

So far we have 3 new characters, and one of the characters above, Paige/Kelly/Eric will have a not-so-unexpected connection with one of the main characters. Any thoughts on who it could be?

Last but certainly not least, ex-Eastwick star Jamie Ray Newman will be playing Julia. She is currently known as the "other woman" and is there to stir up things between the newlyweds Ryan (Kerr Smith) and Cate (Shiri Appleby). We also know that she was "an integral person in Ryan's past" says executive producer and creator Liz Tigelaar. There will be some flashbacks which will let the audience know who she is and how she knows Ryan. Do you think Cate and Ryan will survive the bumps and bruises coming there way this season?

Interesting right? Excited for the new season premiering in less than a week?! I sure am! And remember, the new season premieres September 14th, so make sure you tune in!

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