Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers Various Spoilery Interview Snip~its Part 1

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers Various Spoilery Interview Snip~its Part 1

Nina Dobrev~Elena & Katherine talks to the NY Post about how everyones' world is about to change. She touches on tonight's brand new episode, "Memory Lane", and how Katherine and Elena figure in to season 2.

PW: What can you tease about tonight's episode?
Nina: It seems like every time we go back to the 1864, we learn more from someone else’s perspective – and now it’s Katherine’s turn to tell the story. What she did, how she did it, why she did it and how it affected everything. It’s interesting to see how things can be misconstrued and twist your whole world. It’s going to change every character’s world once they find out. It’s also interesting to see Katherine toy with everyone. This episode is all about that. She’s working all the angles and blindsiding everyone. She’s got the upper hand.

PW: When you read that Katherine would be turning Caroline, what did you think?
Nina: It was cool because although Katherine always has a grand scheme, she always takes on other people to do her dirty work. And Caroline is the perfect little minion. She knows how powerful Katherine is so Caroline will do anything and everything because she's scared. Turning Caroline and threatening everyone has kind of made Katherine like what Damon was at the start of last season. So unpredictable that nobody wanted to test him because they knew he could snap and kill them all. That’s Katherine. She will show them that she has no remorse, no fear and is relentless.

PW: Will we learn why Elena and Katherine are doppelgangers?
Nina: There is a reason, but you don’t know it yet. I think that when the characters and audience are meant to find out, they'll find out. But at this point, you’re still meant to figure it out.

PW: Do you like the idea of Elena getting together with Damon one day?
Nina: I’m always entertained by the possibility. I think that Elena with Stefan seems to be a constant struggle. Elena and Damon have fun together. It’s fun to watch them together because they do have a rapport in the way they play. There’s an ease there because Elena doesn’t care what he thinks – Damon on the other hand is on his toes all the time trying to make sure he doesn’t screw it up even more.

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Candice Accola~Caroline dishes to TV Fanatic about her character and Caroline's relationships in season 2.

We ended of last week's episode with Katherine and Caroline. Anything you can spoil about that?
I can’t tell too much since the writers did such a good job. I can say that Katherine is very used to getting what she wants and she’s not going anywhere. She’ll be playing in Mystic Falls for a while. Katherine and Caroline's paths will continue to cross. The viewers will just have to wait.

Explain Caroline's decision to force Matt to dump her.
I think something that’s very human in becoming a vampire for Caroline is that she gains perspective. She recognized an unhealthy relationship, essentially. Part of growing up is looking at the bigger picture of not only what’s best for you but whats best for someone you love, whether that’s a lover or a family member or a friend and I think that she’s starting to do that. The Caroline in first season, if she was going through something traumatic, she would be like... "but I love you and I want to tear you down with me. If I’m going down you’re going with me because I need someone with me to figure this out with”."

She’s starting to find a little more security in herself, where she’s recognizing someone else being happy is more important than her always feeling loved by them.

Is it completely over for them?
Honestly, I really don’t’ know. It’s the second season, and just like with any relationship you realize, how do you know when it’s ever over? Obviously there are certain points where, goodness, you hope so and should be. But you never know. They’re still going to be in the same town and in the same group and their paths will cross, so stay tuned!

In episode two, a lot of viewers translated Elena’s “this isn’t us” quote to Bonnie as a way of holding on to someone who is still human. Would you consider Bonnie part of “us” or part of the supernatural?
My interpretation is that “us” meant that there is good and there is evil. There’s people who have morals and there are people that don’t. In Mystic Falls, whether you are supernatural or human, there are those with morals and those without. By "us," she meant we don’t just kill because we want someone to be killed. We have justice, we have morals, we have perspective.

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