V Season 2 Spoilers: What is The Red Sky?

V's 2nd season opens with the panic resulting from the red sky. Below you can find some major V spoilers for season 2, make sure you think twice before you continue reading.

The visitors have cut off all communciation with earth and most visitors have returned to the mother ship. Anna refuses to answer any attempts at communication. Fear sends the world into pre-emptive preparations for a war. When red rain begins to fall, the panic deepens. We soon learn the red sky is a "gift to humanity". It spreads life on earth making deserts green but the true purpose is to make humans more fertile for mass breeding with the visitors.

Materials connected to complications with Erica's pregnancy with Tyler lead her to question his humanity.  

It appeared that Marcus had his own agenda when he revived Joshua and contacted Hobbs, but as season 2 begins it appears that Anna was aware of all of Marcus's actions. He is taking orders from Anna and blackmailing Hobbs into carrying them out.

Meanwhile, Joshua's revival results in missing memories and the loss of his human emotions.  He is no longer a member of the 5th column and has no memories of working with them. R

Ryan, meanwhile, is sent back to earth to spy on the fifth column. Anna has taken his daughter, and is using her as leverage to keep him doing her bidding, but Anna isn't as in control as she would like to have everyone believe. Throughout the course of the season Anna will struggle to control and hide her growing human emotions.

Source: Spoiler TV