Life UneXpected Season 2 Spoilers On Upcoming Episodes

Life UneXpected Season 2 Spoilers On Upcoming Episodes

Check out these spoilers on what will be happening in the next few episodes before this season of Life UneXpected comes to an end!

In the next few episodes, Tasha will be headed to some pretty dark places. It involves a scary, somewhat physical confrontation with an older guy. It's something along the lines of Tasha trying to convince this guy not to testify against "her" (my guess is she's talking about Lux)! We'll be learning more about Lux and possibly Tasha's past during episode 9 which airs next Tuesday!

You probably all heard by now that Life UneXpected wasn't given it's back nine episodes! Is it canceled? No, not yet! If you want a season 3, you're going to have to keep watching! Liz Tigelaar, executive producer, promises that "every single thing we've set up in the course of this season will be fulfilled." Some storylines will be rushed like the Ryan-Julia storyline but she reassures us that fans will be pleased with what's in store. "We can't do everything that we had planned on doing... If this is the end of the series, it's going to be just like the beginning of the series—filled with a lot of hope. It's just complicated and you get places in ways you didn't expect."

Last but not least, here are some spoilers on the Thanksgiving episode of Life UneXpected which airs November 30th! It will be the first holiday episode for Life UneXpected and it will involve pretty much the whole cast! "It’s a great place where all our characters come together and all our stories ping-pong off each other. Many secrets get revealed, and this episode really propels us into the rest of the season.” teases Liz Tigelaar.

So what do you think about all these upcoming episodes?

Source: E!Online