Life UneXpected Season 2 Spoilers Goodbye Bug & Hello Julia

Life UneXpected Season 2 Spoilers Goodbye Bug & Hello Julia

There's good news and there's bad news! Let's start with the bad news. Keep reading for some spoilers on who's leaving and who's coming to Portland.

All Team Bug fans will be disappointed to hear that we won't be seeing much of Bug this season. But hey, Lux still have Jones and Eric to choose from. The reason for the sudden departure of Bug (Rafi Gavron) is because of scheduling conflicts with Rafi's other projects. Executive producer Liz Tigelaar says "We didn't drive him off of our own accord; it was sort of an availability issue. If we have to write him out, [though] we have to do a story about it and do him justice. And you know, Bug's got some stuff he has to work out-- a little anger management issues!" She also mentions that he won't be gone forever. Anything can happen if the CW decides to order and give them a full 22-episodes season. So you have to keep tuning in to make sure Life Unexpected gets a full season!

As for the good news, the lovely Jamie Ray Newman (ex-Eastwick star) will be playing Julia who will be first introduced in the sixth episode. She was mentioned during the season premiere as the newlyweds receive a gift from her and then when Ryan was on the one-side phone call with her. "We're going to see her via flashback [first]. It will kind of just shed some light on who she is and how she was in Ryan's life. And there's kind of a surprise about how recently she has been in Ryan's life. It kind of changes the way you'll view some things from season one." says Tigelaar. How much of Jamie's character Julia we'll get all depends on whether or not Life UneXpected gets picked up for a full 22-episode run.

It all depends on what Team you're on: Team Baze or Team Ryan - Julia might be the one who pulls Ryan and Cate apart so that's good news for all you Team Baze fans out there! You never know what uneXpected things could happen on this show! And then there's Team Bug, Team Jones, and Team Eric - everyone but the Team Bug fans should be happy that Bug is leaving!

Source: Examiner