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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 15 "A Hot Piece of 'A'" Guide

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The girls are ready to take the next step to figuring out who A is, and that's getting the guys involved - namely, Caleb. Check out our guide for season 2 episode 15, "A Hot Piece of A":

  • Our Liar girls believe they're just one step closer to finding out who A really is after their recent "close" encounter - especially once they figure out that A isn't acting alone but has a "helper".
  • Ready to take drastic measures with their A mystery, Spencer, Aria, and Emily enlist the help of Caleb and his hacking skills. Hanna, however, is completely against the plan and is worried not only for Caleb's safety but for the questions he might ask her.
  • To take her mind off A, Hanna puts all her energy into a surprise party for Caleb out on the lake, but is Spencer's lake house really a safe haven from A?
  • Aria and Ezra must handle the consequences of telling Byron and Ella the truth about their relationship.

Source: ABC Family