Road Trips, Chicken Feathers & Daddy Issues

Road Trips, Chicken Feathers & Daddy Issues

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Thanks to some casting sides we've procured, we've got spoilers galore on a deliciously jam-packed future episode. Read on for the scoop.

Cate discovers that her mother hid birthday cards that her father sent after he left home (TV Cliche #1), and so she road trips it up (TV Cliche #2:) with Baze and Lux to visit him. Cate doesn't want her father to think she ignored him - she actually wants him in her life.

On the way, the lil family that could gets in an accident with a unusual vehicle (TV Cliche #3), a livestock truck full of chickens. The repair shop guy needs an extra day to fix their truck, so they need to find a hotel room (TV Cliche #4). Unfortunately, there aren't many rooms in town thanks to a toddler pageant, so the family ends up at a B&B, in one small room (TV Cliche #5). But Lux is there, so there won't be any hanky-panky going on (NOT a Tv Cliche!).

Gordon, Cate's father, lives in a cabin that's described as tasteful, comfy, and eclectic. He's described as having an easygoing charm, and shares childhood stories about Cate with Baze and Lux.

I remember one time, she was five, and we went to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween. She wanted the biggest one they had. I said no, told her she had to pick one she could get to the car without my help. Five minutes later, the manager of the place is backing his truck up to our car, and in the bed is this monster pumpkin. Eighty pounds or so. And sitting right next to it was little Catie, a big grin on her face. Manager said she wouldn't leave him alone until he got the pumpkin to the car. Said she drove a hard bargain. I remember thinking, one day, Catie's gonna take over the town.

Sadly, Gordon gets uncomfortable with Cate's talk over wanting to be in his life, wanting him to come to her wedding, and especially that she came to town just for him, and he sends Cate and Lux off on a grocery run while he and Baze discuss the situation. Baze tells him that he got lucky with a daughter like Cate, but can relate to the situation: a daughter showing up out of nowhere can be emotionally stunning. Gordon agrees.

Gordon: Children aren't for everyone. They're a big responsibility. You probably haven't had time to realize that yet, but - your entire life gets commandeered by them. And if you're not prepared, it can be a rude awakening.

Baze: Luckily, Cate's all grown up.

Gordon: But they're always your kids. There are always gonna be wants, expectations... It's a lifetime of putting their needs above your own.

Baze: Tell me about it. That's why I'm here.

Gordon: Then you're a better man than me.

In the end, Cate comes to the terribly sad realization that her father didn't want to be in her life as a child, doesn't want to be in her life now, and will never want to be in her life, ever. He is simply not capable of being anything but what he wants to be: a selfish and ultimately childish man.

This show really likes to hammer home their theme of growing up, hmm? What a wake-up call for Baze and Cate, reaffirming that the only way to handle this situation without hurt is - growing up.

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