Revenge Spoilers: Black Sheep Charlotte

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March 6, 2012

We know that Charlotte is the latest druggie in the Hamptons, but how exactly will she procure her medicated bliss? Christa B. Allen fills us in.

“How Charlotte goes about getting her drugs [will] become integral to the story,” [Christa B. Allen] says. “They’re being obtained illegally. She gets them from one source and runs out and has to find a new source… it’s private school with a bunch of rich young Hamptonites, and you know, I think bribery and deceit and less-than-kosher means will be how she goes about getting more pills — as addicts do…From my perspective, she’s never really had the attention from her parents. Daniel has always been the golden child for reasons that Victoria has only ever fully known. But Char has always sort of been the black sheep, and this is her first major attempt at crying out and saying [she] needs love, too,” Allen says. “I think that just might be the deeper motivations — or one of them.”

How long will it take said parents to realize their black sheep has become an addict?

Source: EW