Life UneXpected's Baze & Cate: Soulmates?

Life UneXpected's Baze & Cate: Soulmates?

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Liz Tigelaar, the executive producer of Life UneXpected weighs in on the will-they or won't they love triangle that seems to have us all rooting for "Caze". But she has a different take...

Because of TV, we're trained to think that Cate and Baze belong together. But there's a good question in there: "Really? You're the soul mate of the guy who knocked you up in high school in the back of a minivan? Really?" Logic says that's ridiculous.

Interesting! What are you saying, Ms. Tigelaar? That Ryan and Cate are soulmates? Sorry, I guess we've been trained a little bit too well - Caze all the way!

Liz Tigelaar goes on to discuss the inspirations for her little show that could:

The main thing is this fantasy that a lot of adoptive kids have. When you're just born into a family, sometimes you joke that you wish you were adopted, but you know these are the people you came from. When you're adopted, you think that there all these people that could be your family and create this fantasy. The inspiration for the pilot came from that idea of having a fantasy of who the mother is and then realizing that the fantasy doesn't match the reality.

The idea of exploring thirtysomethings today. I feel like our generation is more like women who prioritize careers over relationships and guys who still look like frat boys and play video games and drink Miller Lite. The underlying thing is the search for family and people you belong to. It's one thing to be adopted and feel that initial rejection in your life, but you know how badly you were wanted by other people. If you remove being wanted so badly by other people, how does that rejection impact your life?

Finally, she goes back to Cate & Baze:

The arc of the series, in terms of Cate and Baze's feelings, is both of them having to understand what their dynamic is and what their feelings really are for each other. We've just written the finale and it definitely comes to a head.

Wonder if that has something to do with a few spoilers we picked up on not so long ago? About a not-so-unexpected wedding?

Source: TV Guide