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Life Unexpected Episode 2 "Home Inspected" Spoilers

Life Unexpected Episode 2 "Home Inspected" Spoilers

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What's coming up next week on Life UneXpected? We've got some spoilers that aren't in the episode description.

Next week, we meet all of Lux’s little orphan friends. We’ll also encounter a gaping plot hole when Cate, bowing to pressure from her station manager, takes to the airwaves to deny that she has a daughter — never once thinking that said daughter probably owns both a radio and a set of ears. It’s so annoying when good shows do dumb stuff like that.

I'm assuming 'all of Lux's little orphan friends' refers to Bug, Lux's boyfriend. And I'm assuming that he probably doesn't like to be referred to as little. Also, Cate is really starting to grate on me. Talk about dumb!

Are you a fan? Who's your favorite character as of right now?

Source: Ask Ausiello