Life UneXpected Adds More Messed Up Parents

Life UneXpected Adds More Messed Up Parents

We've seen that Baze & Cate aren't the most normal couple to be raising a sixteen-year old daughter, and heard that Cate's dad isn't much of a father. But the casting side spoilers we've got let us in on a little secret: Cate's mom and Ryan's parents are pretty awful too.

For example, at the wedding rehearsal, Ryan's parents (Evelyn & Richard) refuse to walk or sit together. As Evelyn tells him:

Richard, you lost the right to tell me what to do when you had a love child with a stewardess... the adulterers can sit on Cate's side of the aisle.

But that's not all... then, Cate's mom, Laverne, begins to flirt heavily with Richard! (Which annoys Evelyn to no end.) In fact, Cate's mom is just one of those typical television outspoken & loose women who embarrass their daughters.

At the rehearsal dinner, Laverne, Cate's sister, Abby, Cate's friend Alice, Richard, and Evelyn all toast the bride in a drunken and crude manner. Laverne manages to excuse her inappropriate behavior and insult Abby, all in one breath. Abby asks Cate if she knows what she's doing, and Alice announces that Cate has dated a million guys. Richard talks about his distate for marriage and his belief that children are the only good things to come out of it. Finally, Evelyn takes the cake as she goes on this spiel:

I've always hoped my son would find someone deserving of the wonderful man he is. And in Cate... he's found... someone.

I understand that sometimes age catches up with you, you can't wait forever. So you settle... down. You settle down.

And tomorrow... I'm not gaining a daughter, I'm losing a son.

After that doozy, Cate has to run out for some air, which snags her some alone time with Baze. And from the way the rehearsals are going, you can tell this wedding is just not meant to be. C'mon Cate. You know Caze is meant to be. Or is it Bate? Thoughts?

Source: Spoilers Guide