One of TV's Best-Loved Couples Is Getting Married

Well, this one is going to slap you upside the head with some surprising deliciousness, 'cause it's gonna come out of nowhere...

Sources confirm that a fan favorite couple (this may be an understatement) on a fan favorite series (again, this may be an understatement) will be planning a wedding in the coming season. And when it is revealed they are engaged, it will cause millions of viewers to audibly squeal.

The couple is pictured above.

  • They are loved by most—but not all—fans of that show.
  • They are not currently engaged. (So that should rule out one couple for you smarty-pants sleuths).
  • There won't be a big lead-up to the engagement as far as my sources know. It will be sprung on us.


It's either:

  • Sarah and Chuck - Chuck ( NBC )
  • Holly and Michael - The Office ( NBC )
  • Cristina and Owen - Grey's Anatomy ( ABC )

Kristin says:

Could this riddle actually apply to two couples?

As I've said before, unfortunately I cannot come out and name the betrothed-to-be, but we can narrow it down to the final three.

Our guess is - both couples from NBC.

Spoilers by eonline

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