Season 1 Episode 9 episode 9

Life Unexpected Episode 9 "Formal Reformed": Trailer & Sneak Peeks

In these spoiler laden clips, Jones asks Lux to prom, Math freaks Baze out by reminding him that Cate (also a good kid) got knocked up on prom night, and Baze freaks Jones out by reminding him that girls can get pregnant and come after him with sticks that they "peed on". His words.

1) Trailer - Baze refers to Cate as a "crazy chick" which is pretty much the truest thing ever spoken on this show.

2) Sneak Peek #1 - Baze refers to Jones as "little dude quarterback" and makes sure that Cate  is excited to foot the bill for Lux's prom dress.

3) Sneak Peek #2 - Baze is very relieved when Lux swears that she isn't having and won't ever have sex with Jones (don't speak too soon), while a half naked Bug rolls his eyes from underneath the bed.

This looks much more interesting then the usual Baze-Cate-Ryan triangle with a little of Lux bouncing like a bouncy ball back and forth between her parents. Bring on the winter formal and all the drama that will ensue!