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Life Unexpected Episode 7 "Crisis Unaverted": Synopsis

Life Unexpected Episode 7 "Crisis Unaverted": Synopsis

Baze gets oh so cutely insecure as Ryan & Cate vie to be Lux's own little family, and ends up battling out these feelings with Ryan in a competition for a car. In a secondary storyline, Lux battles to keep Tasha around, instead of a few hours away in a new foster home. Better than the Tabasco loving group home, no ?

In the midst of feeling like he is being pushed out of Lux's (Britt Robertson) life by Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Ryan (Kerr Smith), Baze wins the chance to compete against Ryan in a radio station contest and is determined to be the last man standing. Cate (Shiri Appleby) contemplates finally telling Ryan the full truth about Baze, but can't bear the thought of what might happen if she does. When Tasha (guest star Ksenia Solo) tells Lux (Britt Robertson) she may have to move three hours away to a new foster home, Lux decides to help Tasha track down her mother who is still living in town. Austin Basis also stars. Jerry Levine directed the episode written by Taylor Hamra.

Basically, it's the same story revisited for the seventh time, but are you excited to see how it pans out regardless? Will Cate win Ryan back after her big secret gets... out?

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