Season 1 Episode 7 episode 7

Life Unexpected Episode 7 "Crisis Unaverted": Trailer & Sneak Peeks

Lots of drama this week on Life Unexpected, as Ryan gets punchy with the father of his girlfriend's child and Lux gets overly involved in her best friend's personal life.

1) Trailer: After giving Baze a little ol punch, Ryan breaks up with Cate, a big ol cheater.

2) Sneak Peek #1: Ryan and Baze put their hands on a hybrid. That's not as dirty as it sounds.

3) Sneak Peek #2: Baze looks like an adorably insecure hobo as Ryan tries to take over dad duties and Cate balances on the fine line inbetween.

4) Preview: Liz Tiglaar talks about Lux & Tosha's relationship and how the former tries to save the latter from foster care by looking up her own mom.

Source: Youtube