Season 1 Episode 10 episode 10

Life Unexpected Episode 10 "Family Therapized": Trailer & Sneak Peeks

Therapy: every family can use a little. This one could use a lot.

1) Trailer: It's a tear-jerker. Lux bawls and refuses to forgive Cate for giving her up, although she has no problem crying on Baze's shoulder (but who wouldn't want to lean on that shoulder?).

2) Sneak Peek #1: Both Baze & Cate try to hire Bug (and we all ask why on earth when this guy stole a car and slept with their daughter and has a foolish web tattoo on his neck) but Lux still finds a reason to be mad at Cate, and Abby says something theraputic for once.

3) Sneak Peek #2: Baze & Lux are "cool". Ahhh yeah let's leave that one alone.

4) Preview with Liz Tigelaar: Abby and Baze are still having secret sex. And that's that.

Tune in for all the tear jerking goodness on Monday, folks.