Baze & Cate Granted Permanent Joint Custody of Lux

Baze & Cate Granted Permanent Joint Custody of Lux

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In an upcoming episode, we'll find that Baze & Cate legally take back their child - for good. They're a family, you guys ! Well... plus one fiance.

We even know what song will play over the scene: "Love Me Like the World is Ending" by Ben Lee.

At the courthouse, as they wait with bated breath, the judge says:

I've been doing this a long time. I've seen a lot of heartache and disappointment. Because prayers are rarely answered. And usually, dreams remain dreams. But today, your dream becomes a reality. The State of Oregan finds that it is in the best interests of Lux Cassidy to cease being a ward of the state and to have the rights of her biological parents reinstated... Congratulations, all of you. You're a family.

Pretty poetic for a judge! But who cares - no one is breaking this party up. And that's not all. We get a little Baze and Cate fangirl moment:

As they pose for the picture, Lux in front, Baze puts his hand out to Cate, a sign of solidarity. They hold hands, interlacing fingers. Baze looks at her.

Cate may be wearing her engagement ring to Ryan, but you just know she's all about the Baze. Thoughts on these spoilers? Any sighs of relief that Lux is not going back into the foster care system? Or do you care at all?

Source: Spoilers Guide