'Twisted' Star Kylie Bunbury Answers Fan Q's! -- "The Amount of Making Out Surprised Me"

'Twisted' Star Kylie Bunbury Answers Fan Q's! -- "The Amount of Making Out Surprised Me"


Kylie Bunbury who plays the on-screen Lacey on ABC Family's new summer series Twisted sat down with the team of Screen Spy to talk about her latest TV project.

In addition, questions sent in by Twisted fans were also answered by Bunbury from which she weighed-in on her character's romantic development with juvie grad, Danny Desai (Avan Jogia), her favorite arcs with co-star Maddie Hasson and Lacey's perspective as we move forward throughout the first season.

Check out the fan Q's relayed to the Twisted star below:

As you were getting scripts, were you surprised by anything the writers threw into Lacey’s development?

I mean, the amount of making out surprised me.

How early on it started happening surprised me a little. Not gonna lie. [laughing]

Yeah. [laughing] Umm… I wasn’t surprised because it was a gradual one. I think it’s one of the more honest developments in terms of realism, so I wasn’t as surprised. No – you know, there was one thing that surprised me that I wasn’t happy about just because it affects Jo so much. So that’s one thing you’ll see that I was surprised by.

Will we get to see more things from Lacey and her perspective?

You do see it. You do see Lacey’s point of view a little bit more these next few episodes and that’s probably because she’s spending a little bit more time with Danny and also with Jo. A little bit more, but it’s mainly from Jo’s point of view.

What was it like working with the cast and crew? What about Avan?

Wonderful. Truly and honestly, wonderful. The cast, we all get along freakishly well, and the crew, the crew’s great oh my goodness. It was a wonderful group of people to be around and to sort of build a family with. Avan is goofy and funny and makes everyone laugh. He’s just very good at his job.

What part of Lacey’s storyline did you enjoy working on the most?

All of my scenes with Maddie, even though they’re sporadic throughout. There’s pieces of the Jo and Lacey relationship throughout, but all of those scenes really meant a lot to me and Maddie. Because even though we’ve taken some steps backwards they were really steps forward because we’re starting to get things out and we’re starting to be real and honest with each other and allow ourselves to get back to the point that we were once were at. So I think all of the relationship stuff with Jo.

Is there anything any of the other characters have explored that you’d want Lacey to explore in the future?

I would love to explore the world of a murderer. [laughing] I’m trying to think… Uh, no I’m cool with Lacey.


'Twisted' airs every Tuesday at 9PM on ABC Family.