'Twisted' Roundup Spoilers: BFF's On A Cemetery Party and Jo Gets A "Sexy" Date


An all new episode of Twisted airs tomorrow (Tuesday/9pm) on ABC Family with the episode "We Need To Talk About Danny".

To whet your appetite, we've compiled every spoiler bit you need to know! Make sure that you read, browse and watch them, enjoy!

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Episode Guide:

Secrets are revealed when Danny, Jo and Lacey attend a party at Green Grove Cemetery --

  • When Phoebe's brother Tyler (played by Chris Zylka) holds a party at the cemetery, Jo and Lacey press Danny to reveal the secrets he's been keeping and end up spilling one of their own.
  • Danny suffers the consequences of a mishap on the soccer team and Lacey defends Danny against Archie's increasingly vicious verbal attacks.
  • Meanwhile, Rico confronts Jo about her obsession with Danny's case.
  • Karen fails at a job interview, and Kyle seizes an opportunity to win her trust.

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