Ravenswood Mid-Season Premiere Set for January, Twisted Gets Bumped to February

Ravenswood Mid-Season Premiere Set for January, Twisted Gets Bumped to February


With the mid-season finale episode for Ravenswood coming up near the end of November, we're definitely wondering when the Pretty Little Liars' spooky spin-off series will return with new episodes. Lucky for us, ABC Family just set a winter premiere date for the rest of Ravenswood's season one.

ABC Family announced today that recent series “Ravenswood” will return with new episodes on January 7, 2014, paired with “Pretty Little Liars.”


But unlucky for fans of ABC Family's new series Twisted, in order to finish the second half of Ravenswood's season one early, the network had to push Twisted's season 1 mid-season premiere date into February.

“Twisted” will also return with all-new episodes on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, after “Ravenswood” finishes its run.

...With Danny now on the run, the town of Green Grove is even more convinced that he killed Regina, unaware the real killer is someone they never suspected. Jo continues to grapple with how much Danny and Lacey had been keeping from her, but is soon swept into the truth about what really happened to Danny’s Aunt Tara. Meanwhile, Tess, being the only one who knows Danny’s long-thought dead father is still alive, has summoned Vikram back to town, but even she is not aware of the depth of secrets the Desai family holds.

Ravenswood fans: Excited that the series will return in January with PLL? Those of you who watch Twisted: Are you as bummed as I am we'll have to wait a whole other month for the series to pick up where it last left?

Source: ABC Family Media