Twisted POLL: Who Is Your Favorite 'Twisted' Character?

Twisted POLL: Who Is Your Favorite 'Twisted' Character?


ABC Family's Twisted introduced a new kind of 'crazytown' in the world of high school. In the pilot, we've met Danny (Avan Jogia) aka "socio" and his two childhood buddies, Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury).

Obviously, Danny is not your average boy-next-door. After checking out of juvie for killing his aunt, this kid has a lot to endure. Unfortunately, Jo and Lacey have been entangled on his web of twisted past as well.

Since we're gonna be following the the reunited BFF's for the entire summer, we wanna know your take! Can you mirror yourself from these three kids?

Who is your favorite character -- Danny, Jo or Lacey?

Tell us by voting on our latest Twisted poll!