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Twisted Episode 2 "Grief is a Five-Letter-Word" Guide

Twisted Episode 2 "Grief is a Five-Letter-Word" Guide

ABC-Family-Twisted-Here's the official guide of Twisted episode 2 "Grief is a Five-Letter-Word", airing on Tuesday, June 18th on ABC Family.

Tensions rise at a dinner between Danny and Jo's parents --

  • As everyone at school tries to move on with the aid of grief counselor April (guest star Keiko Agena), Jo battles with her father over her friendship with Danny as she and Rico set out to prove Danny's innocence.
  • In an effort to show that he is a normal kid, Danny and Jo set up a dinner between their two families, which goes awry when the adults drudge up past grievances.
  • Meanwhile, Lacey struggles to cope with her emotions and bristles when former 'frenemy,' Phoebe (guest star Brittany Curran), attempts to bond with her.

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