Twisted Episode 11 “Out With the In-Crowd” Sneak Peeks

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August 14, 2013

ABC Family has released three sneak peek clips from Twisted Episode 11 “Out With the In-Crowd” airing in two weeks.

  • DVF

    I feel so badly for laceypoo – she gets hammered in this episode.

  • DVF

    So happy to see Lacey get so much more airtime though. Her and Danny are the eye candy of the show. Helloooo :):) and Archie.

  • Elena

    I don’t get it – Lacey and Danny broke up (which means they have broken hearts and hurt feelings too), and its them on that sex tape thats been going around the whole school and spurring insults and hate in their direction. Yet they’re all about comforting Jo because of her crush?? Besides which Lacey’s best friend was murdered and she finds out her parents’ marraige was a sham because her dad’s gay. Danny was framed for a poisoning and has been expelled and the entire town is against him. How is that the focus of everyone’s attention and caring is on JO?? Totally confused.