Ben Marry Adrian? He "Doesn't Think" So...But What Does Ken Baumann Think?

Does anybody else think it interesting that everybody scoffed at the very notion of marriage for Ben when it was with Amy, but now they're all fine and dandy with him marrying Adrian? Okay, okay...I know it's his kid, but still. Double-standard, anyone?

But double-standard or not, Ben's actor, Ken Baumann has some dish for us on that very subject:

"He definitely is not decided for sure," Ken Baumann, who plays Ben, tells "I think [seeing a sonogram is] an overwhelming experience for anyone, especially for a teenager. It's times like that where he realizes the gravity of the situation. Ben's kind of a neurotic guy. He's always going to have the 'grass is always greener' portion of his brain ticking."

"There's a very expensive object in play," Baumann teases. "It can be a ring. ... It definitely has to do with Ben."

An "expensive object", hmm...? That's definitely going to be interesting. Though I think a ring would be too obvious. Anybody want to take any last-minute guesses before the new episode tonight?

Source: TV Guide