What's Up with Ben? Ken Baumann Talks Season 4 Return

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From impregnating Adrian to taking his teddy on a late-night drinking binge on a park bench, it makes you wonder how Ben ever planned to help Amy take care of John.

While the first half of season 4 seriously made me wonder, "What's up with Ben?", I have a little more hope for the second half of the season coming up next as actor Ken Baumann shares his perception of Ben's erratic behavior:

"I think that anybody who's watched the show for a little while knows that Ben is a pretty reactionary guy, and he can get pretty worked up about things."

That's putting it mildly. In addition to facing the fact that Henry slept with Adrian, Ben might have to face the consequences of...drugs? Ken neither confirmed nor denied this particular bit of scoop floating about but did share his thoughts on the possibility of Ben getting into more trouble:

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"It's definitely a thing that hasn't been brought up that much on this show, and it is highly conceivable that some well-adjusted kids, well-off kids, a little bored with academia would take to the jazz cigarette. So you could quite possibly see that on the show."

What we will definitely be seeing on the show is more of newcomer character, Dylan (Ana Lucasey):

"Well, she is going to be around for a little while. We've had tons of great stuff this season, and especially near the end of the season, it just gets sort of ridiculous and pretty great.

And of course, I can't disclose, but it's all really, really good, really sort of treacherous material."

Ooh, treacherous material? That sounds like Secret Life. While we're talking treacherous, Ken also talked about Amy and Ricky's relationship now that they're engaged:

"Well, as most newly-engaged couples they get locked into the, “Oh my God, when are we going to get married? What is that and is that going to happen? Are we really into it?” So you're definitely going to have a season-full of that conversation between Ricky and Amy."

While Ken didn't really disclose about the wedding itself, he certainly wouldn't put it past the end of the season. Think the season 4 finale will feature an Amy-Ricky wedding?

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment